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Nova Craft Canoe Skid Plates ABS & Composite

$39.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 464033

Skid plates are must when canoeing around rocks or running whitewater rapids. Choose a pair of felted Kevlar skid plates for use with either ABS or composite canoes to outfit your canoe and protect the bow and stern from bumps along shore.


  • Pre-cut Kevlar felt for the perfect skid plate bow & stern rocker coverage
  • ABS felt can be used on plastic canoes only
  • Composite felt can be used for fiberglass, Aramid, Kevlar and carbon canoes
  • Attach the plates with epoxy (not included)


  • Material: felt Kevlar
  • ABS Dimensions: 41 x 4.5 in (104 x 11 cm)
  • Composite Dimensions: 38.5 x 3.5 in (98 x 9 cm)

How to Install Skip Plates: