Swamp Donkey “Moooose” Call!!

It’s adventure racing time in 2009!! The Swamp Donkey Adventure Race would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and extend our thanks to all those that made Swamp Donkey 08’ a great success!

What’s bigger than a full-grown bull moose in the wilderness? The plans and goals for Swamp Donkey Adventure Racing in 2009!! Just as the seasons transition from an incredible fall to a beautiful winter, adventure racing remains “alive and well” in Manitoba. 

The Swamp Donkey team of Rick Shone and John Ford are pleased to announce that the Swamp Donkey Adventure Race is now 100% Manitoba owned and operated. “We are very excited not only to take over the reigns, but are truly fortunate to have so many incredible racers and volunteers that share our enthusiasm for this great sport”. “We would like to thank Mark, Heather and Chris for all their effort, input and assistance over the past two years, your friendship and knowledge made creating and organizing this event a rewarding experience”.
Rick and John have already hit the ground running by creating The Snow Donkey “A Winter Whyte-Out”, the first ever winter adventure race in Manitoba. Swamp Donkey Adventure Racing in conjunction with Fort Whyte Alive bring you this frosty event on March 07, 2009. Registration has already begun with participants excited to shake off the icicles and x-country ski, bike and snowshoe in this fun and chilly challenge. The event is already 50% full with the early bird cut-off quickly approaching. Visit the INFORMATION PAGE HERE.

Adventure Racing has grown in leaps and bounds in Manitoba over the past two years and Rick and John are dedicated to keeping the “passion” for AR alive for years to come.

So get ready for Swamp Donkey 2009 while we showcase the great outdoors of this incredible province and put Manitoba on the map for adventure racing!!

John Ford and Rick Shone




TEAM CONFIRMATION PAGE - 55 as of January 10, 2009

Racer Event Day Schedule will be available shortly.