Individual  Gear: To be carried by each team member at all times.

1 Whistle
2 Packs of Handwarmers
1 Knife (min. 2” folding blade)
1 Liter minimum capacity, water bottle or hydration bladder
1 Emergency blanket
1 Headlamp and spare batteries
1 Lighter / matches (waterproof recommended)
1 Race jersey (Provided by Swamp Donkey AR)

  • Racers must bring at least one complete extra set of clothing (hat, gloves, socks, midlayer, outer layer, etc) to be placed in a transition bag of their choice throughout the race course

Team Gear: To be carried by the team at all times

  • Individual racers must carry all team gear with them at all times throughout the race

2 Compasses (sighting mirror recommended)
1 Pen and/or pencil for marking maps
1 Watch
1 Waterproof map case
1 Set of maps (Provided by Swamp Donkey AR)
1 Passport (Provided by Swamp Donkey AR)
1 Radio or cell phone (hand held family radio, doesn’t need to be too fancy!)
1 First Aid Kit (see below for details)
    a. 1 Tweezers
    b. 6 Anti-inflammatory tablets
    c. 6 Anti-histamine tablets
    d. 1 Roll adhesive tape
    e. 1 Guaze roll
    f. 1 Tensor bandage
    g. 4 Closure (butterfly) bandages
    h. 5”x 5” blister pad (or equivalent moleskin, etc.)

Mountain Bike: To be carried during each bike section

Individual                            Team

1 Mountain Bike                    1 Tire Pump
1 Bike helmet                       1 Set of Tire levers
1 Spare Tube
1 Pair of bike gloves (recommend winter gloves or mitts)

Recommended but not mandatory:

1 Inner tube patch kit
1 Chain repair tool
1 Set of allen keys / hex wrenches
1 Bike computer (highly recommended)
1 Water bottle on bike

Snowshoe: To be carried during each snowshoe section

1 pair of snowshoes

Cross Country Ski: To be carried during each ski section

1 pair of cross country skis
1 pair of ski poles
1 pair of ski boots

All racers will need to have 2 duffels / boxes to be used in transition areas. Your equipment will be transferred via these bags and must be labeled with team number or name. More information will follow in future race updates.

Prohibited Equipment

Maps other than those supplied by the race organizers


Carrying this equipment may not only be helpful in the Snow Donkey Race but will help prepare you for the amount of equipment that you would need to carry in a regular adventure race if you decide to pursue adventure racing further after your Snow Donkey experience!