Manitoba Whitewater Kayaking Playspots

Manitoba has some of the best whitewater play spots in Canada.

From the gentle river running experience offered by the Whitemouth River to the huge volume clean and warm Winnipeg River, it's worth a visit. When the levels are's full on around here!

We have outlined all the info you will need to get to our favorite local hangouts. We suggest posting a message on our community forums for current water levels, conditions and paddling buddies if need be. Hey, at least let us know you're coming through, and we'll catch you on the waves. Have fun!

Click on each location below to see all the details:


We claim nothing for no-one and we did not say anything that we meant nor intended for you to read and certainly did not think you would actually paddle at any of these playspots or take the info seriously cause paddling is crazy and we want nothing to do with it!

But really, please be responsible, realistic and safe.