Cooks Falls, Whitemouth River

Note: Cooks Falls was previously accessible via a private campground, however, it has since been closed so the rapid is only accessible via river paddle. The location of the rapid is at lat/lng coordinates of 49.972, -95.989

Cooks Falls, on the Whitemouth river, is a drop-pool style of rapid created by the narrowing effect of shorline rock outcroppings and several river wide ledges. This class 2/2+ rapid has a variety of features which are very dependant on water levels and fluctuate dramatically throughout the season. Water levels are solely determined by precipitation as the Whitemouth river is an isolated drainage river, so it's important to check water flow before you go. (levels can fluctuate between 250 and 6000 cfs) .

Cooks Falls offers something for everyone, from ledge-holes, to small standing waves. One of favorite beginner and intermediate teaching sites, students enjoy the safety of the large sheltered bottom pools, clean shoreline access, easy eddies, gentle wave trains, and a clean run-able line. More intermediate paddlers will enjoy searching out the subtle play features. Intermediate play features really start to appear at 2000 cfs+ and get cranking for advanced paddling in flood levels of 4000-6000 cfs+.

Special Note: Cook's Falls is a relatively safe spot to play, however the water is shallow so you must be cautious of rocks. There is a large reef-style rock at the bottom of the rapid, which creates a relatively dangerous hole at certain water levels. The water is stronger than it looks and requires proficient scouting from all angles before you jump in to play. Other potential hazards include logs and other objects traveling through the rapid which may be uprooted during high water. Portage on either side of the rapids.