Wilderness Supply E-Newsletter February 22, 2011

Special news this month! Congratulations to Wilderness Supply staff Sylvia Furtado (WAVpaddling) and Scott Palmer on the birth of their little baby boy Spencer Palmer.


SALE! 20% OFF In stock Snowshoes and X-Country Skis

Winnipeg currently has Atlas snowshoes and X-country skis

Thunder Bay does not have skis but has GV snowshoes

Sale Starts: Present

Sale Ends: Closing, Saturday April 2, 2011

Also check out our remaining winter clothing at 30% OFF!

Upcoming Trade Shows

Come and check out our booths! Kayaks, canoes, Stand up paddle boards and more!

February 25-26 (Fri-Sun) - Thunder Bay Central Outdoor Show (Thunder Bay Sports Dome)

March 3-6 (Thu-Sun) - Winnipeg Mid Canada Boat Show (3rd floor of Convention Center)

March 11-13 (Fri-Sun) - Winnipeg Cottage Country Show (Red River Exhibition Grounds)

Purchase a boat before March 31 and ask us about our pre-season specials!

New Gear - February

Black Diamond Gridlock
Odyssey Inflatable Kayak
Stohlquist T3 Swift Entry Dry Suit
$20.99 $699.00 - $799.00 $499.00 - Great price! Fully Dry!

Also check out our new selection of Stand Up Paddleboards! More information to come!

Events / Courses

Manitoba Kayak and Canoe Courses for 2011

WAVpaddling courses are now available for the spring / summer 2011 season. Offerings include guided and instructed trips, beginner - level 2 kayak, flat, moving and tripping canoe courses. Registration for all courses are NOW OPEN. See you on the water!

View all course Options here

Intro to Kayaking Course (Winnipeg Indoor)

Learn how to kayak! Next course date is March 20 - REGISTER HERE

REEL Paddling Film Festival - Winnipeg

Save the date!

This year's REEL Paddling Film Festival will be held on Tuesday April 19 at the Gas Station Theatre (Osborne) - more information will follow in the next couple of newsletters.

Proceeds from this year's event will go to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation.

Tickets are now available online. Get your ticket now to see some of this year's best paddling films. Don't miss out - only 210 tickets available. This event sold out last year!


Solving the Packer’s Problem

– how to compress your clothes and organize them too

Clothes are the bane of most packers' existence.  Next to perhaps shoes, nothing seems to take up more dead space in your bag.  You’re eyeing your small pile of clothes, thinking you’ve done a good job paring down the necessities, but when it comes time to pack up your bag before you know it you’re out of room.  Not only that, but your bag is full of a mish-mash of random clothing with no rhyme nor reason – finding what you want is a frustrating process, and there’s no room for that first aid kit or travel towel.

We've done a video on packing here at Wilderness Supply, and I stand by what I said within it: when packing clothes, stuff sacks are the way to go for organization, and compression sacks are the way to go to save space.  But what if you want the best of both worlds?  For those who want to have their cake and wear it too, a combination of both methods is the sure-fire way to packthe most in the least amount of space without skimping on organization.

read more on the Blog on a Log...


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