Explore Winnipeg from a different perspective! Pain in the ASSiniboine is Swamp Donkey's summer urban adventure race. Racers cycle river trails, single track, park roads and the famous Trans Canada Trail to reach beautiful Beaudry Park in Headingly, Manitoba.  From there racers hop into your canoes or kayaks and paddle the swift moving Assiniboine River past some of Winnipeg's most elegant estates until reaching the Forks.

Wilderness Supply is the place to go for all your PITA paddling needs.  Check out the full mandatory gear list on the Swamp Donkey website, and shop below for your mandatory paddling gear.

• 1 Liter minimum capacity water bottle or hydration bladder

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• 1 Lightweight Rain Jacket

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• 1 Waterproof Cell Phone Case

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• 1 First Aid Kit

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• 1 Waterproof Map Case

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• 1 Canada Coast Guard-approved
Personal Flotation Device with whistle

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• 1 Throw bag

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• 1 Pump or Bailing device

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• 1 Canoe (for teams)

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• 1 Kayak (for solo)

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• Canoe paddles

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• Kayak Paddles

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