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Manitoba Racers Shocked After Kayaks Stolen (Winnipeg Free Press)


5 Items to Pack for a Summer Festival

"...Regardless of whether your festival of choice features music, paddling, or celebrations of headless chicken, some of the best summer festival must-haves are items attendees might not think of. Sure, if you're camping, pack a tent and sleeping bag. Sunscreen's important if it's sunny and rain gear if it's damp, but here are a few more items you might not have thought of that could vastly improve your festival experience..."

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Whatever festivals you may be attending this summer, if you find yourself in a pinch take a quick look around.  Wilderness Supply will have tents at festivals in and around Winnipeg and Thunder Bay, including the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  Stop by to grab a hammock or bottle of sunscreen, or just to say hello!

Image 1Winnipeg Courses and Events

Canoe & Kayak Courses

Registration is open for spring and summer paddling courses!  WAV paddling has a new home at Fort Whyte, and there's never been a better year to try tackling whitewater or master the perfect J-stroke.  Check out all canoeing and kayaking courses available on our Winnipeg courses page.

Fort Whyte Open Paddle Evenings

Whether you're looking for a unique date idea, or just trying to out-paddle a zombie horde, there's at least 9 reasons you should be coming to an open paddle evening.

Don't miss your chance - every Thursday June through August. More info

Thunder Bay Courses and Events

Kayak Courses

Registration is open for summer courses and clinics on our Thunder Bay courses page!

Demo Nights

Want to try a boat before you buy it?  Registration is now open for demo paddles throughout the summer.  Call 807-684-9555 to book your spot.

Lakehead Canoe Club Open Paddle Evenings

There's no better way to spend a summer evening than on the water.  Don't miss out - every second Thursday June through August.  More info

Tim's Tip of the Month:

"When out paddling in the summer pack a cotton t-shirt or bandana to dip in the water and put on. It will keep you cooler longer than most synthetics."