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9 Great Reasons to Come to an Open Paddling Evening


Throughout the summer in both Winnipeg and Thunder Bay, Wilderness Supply hosts open paddling evenings, with boats from our stores available for your paddling pleasure right within the city limits! With August dawning, it's a great time of the season to get out on the water-whatever your motivations...

Getting to Know You - looking for someone new to sit stern? Need a pal to help scout your next whitewater route? Paddling's always more fun when you share it, and open paddling evenings are a great chance to get out and meet others as into the sport as you are. Before you know it, you could be planning your next trip with a new paddle buddy!

Girls' or Guys' Night Out - Sick of bowling? Tired of TV? Do something different for your next night out with friends, and show your buddies how it's done out on the water. The pub will still be there when you're done-whoever dumps buys the first round.

A Little Something New - from a canoer who's never paddled a kayak to a playboat-er keen to try tandem, a new vessel means a different ride and a whole new experience. Push your boundaries by trying a boat completely different from your usual standby--you may even find it brings a whole new light to paddling!

Get Physical - For arms like Atlas and abs to grate cheese on, you can't beat a paddler. If you're looking for a way to get active this summer (or perhaps looking for someone with such qualities) an evening on the water is a great way place to start. At least the scenery will be more stimulating than staring at patch of wall in front of your treadmill.

Back to Basics - No matter how experienced you are, any paddler can benefit from reviewing the basics. When's the last time you critiqued your J-stroke, or noted your body position while back paddling? Seize a chance to review the techniques you take for granted-one old-school evening could be all the review you need to see marked improvement to your paddling style. Hey, they say global warming is making sea levels rise. Soon enough those skills could save your life!

It's a Date - Looking for a way to wow the guy or girl of your choice? Round things out with a pre-paddle dinner or post-paddle drinks (hopefully, both!) and you've got yourself a pretty unique evening out. Bonus: acts as a quick-filter method for weeding out water-frightened companions.

New For You - A full day out or multi-day excursion can be daunting to someone new to the paddling scene. If you've been looking for a way to get your kids/workmate/grandmother out on the water, an evening paddle is an easy place to start. Take advantage of a great opportunity to introduce someone new to the sport...before you know it they'll be clamouring for more!

Those Who Paddle Together... - Team building exercises can feel like a trip to a particularly ill-trained dentist. If falling blindly backwards into your co-worker's arms has lost some of that ineffable charm, how about arranging a company paddle? At the very least, it's a good excuse to give Jim from marketing an "accidental" paddle splash or two.

Try Before You Buy - if you have been eyeing a new watercraft, an open paddling evening is a great chance to give it a spin before purchase. Give the store a call to see what boats we're bringing out for the evening-maybe your dream vessel is among them! Remember - Zombies can't swim. Buying a boat just makes good sense.

Thunder Bay:

Canoes and kayaks are available from the boathouse on the main beach on Boulevard Lake, Thunder Bay for $5/person, $10/family. All proceeds go to support the local Lakehead Canoe Club.

5:30pm - 8:30pm

Thursday, Aug. 4th
Thursday, Aug. 18th
Thursday, Sept. 1st


Canoes and kayaks are available at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg for $5/person, $10/family.

6:30-8:30 pm

Thursday, August 4
Tuesday, August 16
Thursday, August 25