2009 Symposium Kayak Tour Options

Locations will depend on weather conditions and participant ability.  Tours may also incorporate elements of instruction.  Trips will run both Saturday and Sunday; with both half day and full day tours available.  Registration occurs Friday evening along with the main symposium registration.


Beginner/Intermediate Tours

Hurkett Cove to Wolf River - Take a leisurely paddle through the warm (???) waters of Lake Superior from Hurkett Cove to explore the surf and sandy environment of the mouth of the Wolf River.  We may be lucky to see a variety of wildlife including pelicans; this area is recognized as a significant bird migratory and nesting area. Click Here to View.

Trip Milage:  approx. 8 km return.


Underwater Tombolo - It's a mystery to us, something that we discovered while examining Black Bay on Google Earth.  Imagine an underwater gravel ridge, rising from 50 feet of depth to just under the surface stretching from the shoreline to Bent Island 1.5 kilometres offshore. (see the picture!).  Besides going to a really cool place, this tour might be an excellent introduction to the geological history of this section of Lake Superior. Click Here to View.

Trip Mileage:  10 km return.


Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats to Portage Creek – Enjoy a leisurely paddle from Symposium headquarters to the Portage Creek and back.  Portage Creek, renowned for its spring steelhead spawning run, is a beautiful place to explore with a variety of potential wildlife sightings. Click Here to View.

Trip Mileage:  5 km return.


Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats to Portage Bay - Travel a little further from Symposium Headquarters to see a bit more of Black Bay.  This is a one-way tour with participants being picked up at Portage Bay.  Along the way,  try to figure out the geological and human history of "The Paps",    ... well we cant explain much more or it will give it away.  Click Here to View

Trip Mileage: 8 km one way.



Intermediate/Advanced Tours

Edward and Porphory Island Tour - Details and Mileage to be determined.  Click Here to View.

Trowbridge Island Tour - Paddle out from Historic Silver Islet along Shagonia Island to Trowbridge Island to visit and learn the history of the Trowbridge Island Light.  Hear stories of shipwrecks and light keepers; and see three other light that guided early ships around Thunder Cape.  Other highlights include visiting the Sea Lion, a great view of the Giant and if the lake will allow, paddling over the Silver Islet mine shaft. This advanced tour requires comfort paddling for long distances in potentially uncomfortable conditions.  (please be aware of your own skill level and sign up in accordance).  Click Here to View.

Trip mileage:  approximately 22km.


Black Sturgeon River to Hurkett - Let's go sea kayaking in the river!  Travel down the Black Sturgeon River to its mouth at the end of Black Bay, then explore along the shoreline back to Hurkett Cove.  This trip offers warmer waters and an excellent opportunity to view wildlife.  This is an intermediate level trip. Participants have the opportunity to learn about kayak navigation techniques, surf launch and landings and paddling in wave conditions.  Click Here to View.

Trip mileage:  approximately 16km.


Caribou Island Tour - Circumnavigate one of the most interesting islands in the Thunder Bay Region.  Significant highlights include great vistas of the Sibley Peninsula, excellent cliff paddling and a unique perspective of Thunder Bay, the body of water.  On this Intermediate Level tour there is also potential to learn about open-water crossings, kayak navigation and specific wind and wave paddling conditions.  Click Here to View.

Trip Mileage:  approximately 12km.


*Participation in some tours requires participants to have adequate equipment including: