A Gift That Makes A Difference

For every pair of socks or underwear sold between Nov 12 - Dec 24 we will be donating a pair of socks or underwear to our partnering organization! Help those in need this holiday season by giving a gift that makes a difference.

Why are socks so important?

They Absorb Moisture, Oil, and Dirt Around Your Feet

Socks should be a staple in anybody’s routine, but we can all see why it would be particularly beneficial for the less fortunate. For people living in unclean or wet conditions, new socks can help to keep their feet cozy and dry. This also helps to prevent unwanted diseases such as Athlete’s foot and Trench's foot.

For the Homeless, Socks Need to be Changed as Much as Underwear

When searching for new clothes, those less fortunate need to pick and prioritize certain articles over others. Due to the way socks absorb unwanted moisture, they need to ideally be changed just as much as underwear, whereas things like jackets can be kept for a longer period of time.

They Prevent Damage to the Feet

Many homeless people will spend the majority of their day on their feet, and many young children will want socks to wear to school along with their new shoes. Socks can protect the skin in the same way moleskin plasters do — by separating the skin of your foot from your shoes so friction isn’t created.

They Help Protect Your Mental Health

For many, having holes and dirty clothes can make feelings of self-hatred and shame a common feeling. When people have access to clean clothes, they can focus on more important things like bettering their mental health and seeking help.

Our Partners

The Mainstreet Project

Serving the needs of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable residents since 1972, Main Street Project offers programming and services to help our community members build stability. Working under a housing first philosophy, we work with each individual to support positive changes and transition them towards stable, permanent housing.
The socks and underwear donated will be used in a variety of their offered programs.

Sounds of the Season

The annual Sounds of the Season food drive's goal is the same as previous iterations: gather as much donated food as possible, and fly it up to remote northern communities, just in time for Christmas. By partnering with the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA), and five regional air companies, more food and essential supplies can be brought to more communities, across a larger area.
"This is a wonderful opportunity for all of Canada to share in the bounties and distribute it to a number of remote communities in northern Ontario," said Volker Kromm, RFDA executive director. "That's where these wonderful airlines come in.