Preliminary Race Results

(full results with timings should be available shortly!) Teams and solos are listed in the time order they arrived at the finish line. 1st place teams in each category are highlighted.


Wärme Schnäpse Mens
Monkey Runners Mens
Sherpas Mens
Olympia Flyers Mens   CP2
Canadian Supercharger Mens
The IC Crappucinos Mens   CP1
The Grey Hounds Mixed
Freezer Beaver Mixed
Short Sighted Mixed
Les Hivernants Mixed
Y Us Mixed
Charlie Mixed
Gay's Son's Team Mixed
Zippy Zamboni Mixed
Fast Yeti Mixed
Chilled Asses Mixed
Free Radicals Mixed
Three for the Road Mixed
Kill Bill Mixed   CP2
Momenta Mixed   CP2
Whyte Out Mixed   CP1
Raging Muskrats Womens





Young Eric Mens
Hare Alex Mens
Krahn Timothy Mens
Holder David Mens
Nesbitt Dale Mens
Adamson Alan Mens
Ross Kelly Mens
Wiebe Greg Mens
Shore Jim Mens
Schinkel Keith Mens
Irvine Stuart Mens
Pauch Alex MensCP2
Gerrie Graham MensCP1
Kirouac Christopher MensCP2
Penner Bruce Mens
Johnson Holly Womens
Kent Heather Womens