About Company


I was born and raised just outside Winnipeg. I am incredibly proud of our province and feel very privileged to be working in an industry that promotes a healthy, active and adventurous lifestyle in people from all walks of life. I am also happy to say that I feel I have a second home - Thunder Bay, Ontario. The land between our two stores has some of the best wilderness areas in Canada - with incredible opportunities for paddling, climbing (ice and rock), hiking and more.

I joined the Wilderness Supply team in 2001 after graduating from university and spending a few years traveling the world and paddling over 3000 km of Manitoba's water ways. I have been very blessed to work with amazing people who have become family to me.

Life has certainly been great over the past 14 years. Wilderness Supply has allowed me to grow and foster my addiction to the outdoors. I have continued on to have traveled over 30 countries. My outdoor passion began in my canoe but I now spend my spare time divided in activities from kayaking, climbing (ice and rock), mountaineering, cycling, trail running, bushwhacking and adventure racing.

I would like to thank all of our customers for visiting over the years. We love to hear your stories and to see you in the outdoors. I am looking forward to many more years helping you find the best quality outdoor gear and encouraging you to get outside and feel at home in our great back yard.

First time traveling, need general tips and travel advice, or just want to share some stories? Come on down to the store for a visit and ask for me at the desk.