Pristine Water Purification Treatment

Made in Canada, the Pristine package is made up of 2 parts

Part A   2% stabilized chloride dioxide solution
Part B   5% food grade phosphoric acid solution

Mixing 7 drops of Part A with Part B per litre of water will result in a 5 parts per million solution of activated chlorine dioxide (ClO2). ClO2 has often been has often been used by municipal water treatment plants as an alternative to chlorine in disinfecting and sanitizing water. ClO2 not only effectively kills pesky little creatures, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, but can also eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Chlorine is currently being phased out due to growing concerns over its carinogenic by-products, principally trihalomethanes (THM's). Other halogens used in water treatment such as flourine, bromine, and iodine are also recognized to have unhealthy by-products. Iodine has been known in particular to affect the thyroid gland. Chlorine dioxide does not produce THM's and does not affect the thyroid gland.

Pristine usually comes with me wherever I travel nowadays. I have used ClO2 many times both here at home in the Canadian Shield and abroad in Asia. Pristine is EPA approved.


  • contains no iodine
  • leaves no aftertaste
  • improves the taste of heavily chlorinated water
  • improves the taste of well water and helps eliminate iron and manganese

ClO2 is effective against the following water contaminants

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • giardia
  • cryptosporidium
  • botulism
  • e. coli
  • cholera

ClO2 Eliminates and treats the following water contaminants

  • many pollutants found in waste water
  • cyanides in wastewater
  • nitrites and sulfides
  • potential carinogenic substances such as 3,4-benzopyrene
  • tastes and odours produced by algae
  • pesticides