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"Growing up in the suburbs of Mississauga gave me a real hunger for exploring the great outdoors. The busy city life, lack of clean air and natural lake beds made me realize that I needed to go out and explore what northwestern Ontario had to offer. Many people who were raised in the city never get the urge to set up a tent, climb a dangerous rock face or paddle some challenging route, but I do! I set foot in Thunder Bay five years ago to take a summer job maintaining MNR canoe routes in the Sioux Lookout District and I haven't returned to the city since. There is something about the wilderness that gives me a sense of courage and motivation that I could never find between busy city streets. I love encouraging people to paddle and hearing the freedom and confidence in their stories when they return."


Wilderness First Responder - WMA
Swiftwater Rescue Technician
ORCA Flatwater Kayak 1
ORCA Tripping Canoe A