WAVpaddling Head Instructor


Mick, original founder of WAVpaddling in 1995, has been committed to the development of the kayaking community. He has taught hundreds of students and trained dozens of instructors in the art of kayaking.

Mick is a Paddle Canada certified Senior River Instructor and Instructor Trainer, and Chairs the National Program Development Committee of Paddle Canada for River Kayaking. He is the provincial co-chair for Paddle Manitoba's Kayaking Instructional Committee, and a founding member of the Manitoba Whitewater Club.

Since 1989, Mick has been canoeing and kayaking lakes and rivers across Canada, the U.S and Chile. Mick has a strong (and certified) background in Wilderness First Aid and Aquatic Safety, with a professional background in experiential/adventure based learning, outdoor recreation, and leadership and team training. Mick's ability to balance technical skills, safety, individual comfort levels, and fun is at the core of his success.

Mick's Paddling Philosophy:

I see paddling as a life sport that provides uniquely enriching experiences to every person involved, no matter what the level. Being on the water is about freedom and play. There is so much power in the river, it's exciting to watch people gain the skills that allow them to experience it in a safe and comfortable way.

Teaching is about empowering students with skills and confidence. From the first wet exit to the first flat spin on a wave, or open water rescue, it's about people facing challenges, taking first steps, and feeling the exhilaration of accomplishment and mastery. As an instructor, I see kayaking giving people joy and it encourages them to keep play as a part of their lives. That's why I teach.