How To choose A Paddleboard

Just like when choosing a canoe or kayak, you need to know where and how you are going to use the paddleboard or SUP (stand up paddleboard) first so you can narrow down what type and style you’ll need. Common features of all paddleboards are foam deck padding for grip, deck bungee cords to attach gear and fins for stability and tracking. The weight of the paddler also needs to be considered when deciding on the length of a board. If you drop by our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect board for you and your whole family.


All-around boards are the most popular paddle board for recreational use, and are cleverly designed to accommodate activities like yoga and fitness. They are wider than most paddle boards to provide the most stability, but not as thick, fast or as heavy as touring boards. This allows them to provide a good balance of stability and versatility for everyday recreational use for a few hours at the lake, during a yoga class or out fishing. They range from 9 - 12 feet depending on the paddlers weight. Like all SUP’s, they will come with at least one fin, sometimes three to provide even more stability, with some deck bungee cords to attach gear. All-around boards are the perfect choice for families and friends who are hanging out relaxing at the cottage.



Want to go places? Touring boards excel on flat lake water, can handle bigger waves and choppy water conditions for a number of reasons: they have added length and weight. They are narrower and longer than all-around boards and are typically 12 - 14 feet. Touring SUP’s can handle longer trips mainly because of their performance benefits and added features. They have a pointed nose which also helps them track superbly and glide more effectively, adding to increased speed. These boards will always have at least one fin for tracking, and deck bungee cords so you can attach supplies for those longer paddles or fishing trips. Touring paddling is growing in popularity because paddlers want the unique gliding feel of being on a paddleboard while still going on longer trips.



Even narrower and longer than touring boards, racing boards are built for speed and are extremely fast, but not as stable as all-around or touring boards. They have one mission, which is to go fast and straight. Perfect for the speed demon in you who wants to get where they are going!



Inflatable paddle boards are not just about packability and convenience. Inflatable paddle boards have been around for a while and they are only getting better. By better I mean they are at a comparable performance level of as fiberglass paddle boards with the convenience of being able to pack it up in a bag small enough to put in the trunk of a car, store it in an apartment or a closet at the cabin. Inflatable paddle boards come in all the different styles of boards from all-around boards to racing boards, and will have the same features as all the other paddle boards mentioned above.



These boards are the shortest paddleboards at around 9 feet, and have a narrower nose and tail. Typically they have more rocker than other boards to add to the boards maneuverability. These features give the board the ability to surf waves. The trade-off is they are less stable and slower than other boards on open flat water. This board is for a specific paddler who likes to do stunts and ride waves.