Extended Until Dec. 30th, 2017

This Christmas put a boat under the tree for that paddler who can't wait till spring with our December Holiday Boat Sale! We have discounts on All IN STOCK 2017 Canoes, Kayaks and SUP's from 15% - 20% OFF at all our stores. Stop by to check out our selection and we'll be glad to help you pick a boat or SUP. A canoe under the tree won't be suspicious at all, we promise!

In Stock Boat Discounts

*Excluding 2018 Boats*

Kevlar + Fiberglass Canoes & Kayaks 20% Off

Plastic Polyethylene Canoes & Kayaks 15% Off

SUP's 15% Off

*All sales need to be paid in full and picked up before Dec. 24th, just in time for Christmas.