About Company


I came to Thunder Bay with a passion for climbing and an open mind to try new things. I've been able to try a lot of new activities but nothing so far has intrigued me as much as rock. Coming from a background built mostly upon indoor gym climbing by mind was blown by the 300+ routes this area has to offer. People often talk about how a healthy balance is the key to happiness but the only  balance I need to be happy is between my feet and hands on the rock. I just finished my second climbing trip to Kentucky where I spent my days out on the hour long routes and my nights under the stars. My return to Thunder Bay has not resulted in a lack of climbing, yes the routes may be significantly shorter but that just means you can climb more of them!

Although climbing is my passion just this past winter I had the opportunity to take a dog sledding course that opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me.  All winter my free time was spent helping to take care of the teams and getting the trails ready.  I am thrilled that I have found something to keep me happy through the winter months and am looking forward to continuing to help out with the sledding team...as soon as climbing season is over.