Starboard SUP Freeride Windsup

Looking for a fun way to take your Stand Up Paddleboarding to the next level?  WindSUPing is the fastest growing category of windsurfing.  Combining the shape and glide of a SUP board and the surf and wind opportunities of a removable windsail, WindSUPs open you up to a whole new world of exploration.  Stand up, enjoy the view, catch the breeze or paddle out to open water, explore and surf the waves - the paddling/wind combo lets you get the best of a wide range of conditions and locations so you can explore and have more fun!

The Freeride model mixes old school windsurfing and new school SUP performance.  The full mast box and removable centre fin box system with a traditional SUP shape delivers great glide and comfort in both paddle and wind modes for a combination of relaxed summer windsurfing with the great touring and SUP paddle qualities.  Built with Starboard's ASAP - As Strong As Possible - construction so it can take whatever you may throw at it!  

Sail is not included.


Length: 12'2"
Width: 29.5"
Volume: 238L
Weight: 32.56 lbs