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Souris River Wilderness 18

$3075.00 - $3525.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 999581KVCLBK

At home in the wilderness, this canoe paddles fast and straight and carries a ton of gear. Popular among long distance trippers, where it provides added water speed while retaining load capacity and stability.  Deep and sleek, it can handle rough water well even when fully loaded.

The Wilderness 18 is ideal for experienced paddlers who are looking for some extra speed.  If you’ve earned your share of calluses at the end of a paddle and would like to arrive a little faster, this is the canoe that will get you there!

Souris River Canoe Options


Black Anodized Gunwales with Black Aluminum Thwarts* $75.00
Bow Slider $85.00
Foot Brace $50.00
Teal Yoke** $60.00
Wood Trim $350.00

* Comes standard on LeTigre or coloured models.
** All instock Souris River Canoes come standard with a Teal contoured Yoke included in the price.


Weight by Material
Kevlar 46 lbs
Carbon 45 lbs
Length 18'
Depth Bow 20"
Depth Mid 14.5"
Depth Stern 18"
Max Width 34"