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Souris River Quetico 17

$2995.00 - $3475.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 999580KVCLSL

Souris River's bestseller, the Quetico 17 provides stability and performance at its best. The well designed tripping hull will make a paddler of any skill level. Recognized as a standard in tripping canoes, you can find the Q17 all over North America.  Light, tough and stable, it's the perfect companion for whatever the wold can throw at you.  Rides high and takes on very little water, even when paddling hard into a headwind.

A little longer than the Quetico 16, this canoe provides more volume for multi-week expeditions. Or maybe you just need a little extra room for a third person or your dog!

Souris River Canoe Options


Black Anodized Gunwales with Black Aluminum Thwarts* $75.00
Bow Slider $85.00
Foot Brace $50.00
Teal Yoke** $60.00
Wood Trim $350.00

* Comes standard on LeTigre or coloured models.
** All instock Souris River Canoes come standard with a Teal contoured Yoke included in the price.


Weight by Material
Duralite 51 lbs
Kevlar 44 lbs
Carbon 43 lbs
Length 17' 3"
Depth Bow 20"
Depth Mid 13.5"
Depth Stern 20"
Max Width 35"