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Nova Craft Canoe Haida

$1725.00 - $2795.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 0110009

Novice friendly, but with enough performance to appeal to experienced paddlers.  The Haida is the big brother of Nova Craft's Tripper model, with a wider beam and extra carrying capacity. It shares all the same handling characteristics of the 16 foot canoe with a bit more width and length, giving it extra carrying capacity without changing speed or handling.

The added roominess and stability makes the Haida an ideal canoe for families who want to enjoy some tripping with young children, whether it is just a weekend jaunt to a favourite park or a wilderness adventure lasting a couple of weeks.


Weight by Material
64 lbs
Fiberglass 68 lbs
Aramid Lite 49 lbs
TuffStuff 58 lbs
Length 17'
Rocker Minimal < 1"
Depth Bow 22"
Depth Mid 14"
Max Width 36"