Boreal Designs Epsilon P100, P200 Kayaks

$2195.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 999475LIR

A capable and predictable boat for beginners through intermediate paddlers, available in three sizes to suit a wide variety of body types.  Features a ton of gear space for a week or two, and even loaded it paddles capably and easily.  A stable and dry ride makes every outing a comfortable and easy one!

The Epsilon is the top selling series for tour operators and rental fleets. This stable and predictable craft works with a wide variety of paddlers. A rudder, ample deck bungees, and a full compliment of deck safety lines are placed strategically to maximize your storage.

The Epsilon is a smooth, predictable and stable craft. Even in rougher water the ride is quite dry. Load up for a couple weeks and enjoy the speed of the Epsilon. Simply a delightful kayak to paddle while being able to count on its dependability!


P100 (Small SIze Paddlers)

Length: 16’4” (4.98 m)
Cockpit: 16" × 31" (41 × 79 cm)
Width: 22 ½" (57.2 cm) V
olume: 99 gal us (375 l)
Weight: 67 lbs. (30.3 kg)

P200 (Mid Size Paddlers)

Length: 17' (5.18 m)
Cockpit: 16" × 31" (41 × 79 cm)
Width: 23 ½" (59.7 cm)
Volume: 110 gal us (415 l)
Weight: 68 lbs. (30.7 kg)

P300 (Large Sized Paddlers)

Length: 17'6" (5.34 m)
Cockpit: 17" × 33" (43 × 84 cm)
Beam: 24 ¼" (61.6 cm)
Volume: 119 gal us (450 l)
Weight: 70 lbs. 31.8 kg)

Ideal For:

Flat water, Day Touring, Multi-Day Touring