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North Water PFD Quick Release Sea Link

$99.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 456009

This compact system gives you the option of turning a short 4.5 foot tow line immediately into a 15 foot tow line with the release of a buckle. It attaches to any quick-release PFD harness, has built-in floatation and shock absorber. It gives you the versatility you need for a quick rescue.

Dimensions:3" wide x 1.5" high

Tips on How to Use

  • Thread the 2 inch D ring through the strap on your quick release belt on your PFD. Clip the carabiner to the front of your pfd for use when you require it. Be sure that it is clipped in such a way that it will be easy to remove with one hand.
  • For short tows use the 4.5 foot length. Longer tows, unclip the side release buckle on the tow line and extend the length to 15 ft.
  • If you need to separate yourself from your partner while towing, release your quick release belt on your pfd and the tow line will slip into the water (but of course still be attached to your partner)
  • Just stuff the line back into the bag to re-pack the tow system


  • Clean salt, sand and grit after use with fresh water
  • Do not store the product in damp conditions
  • Inspect the product for damage both before and after use
  • Do not abuse or apply undue stress to the product
  • Periodically coat the snap hooks spring with light oil
  • Do not expose the product to long hours of direct sunlight
  • Identify your name on the product in case of loss