SUPs on Sale


Blu Wave Catalina 12.6

A multi functional touring boards, designed for flat water cruising, touring, and recreational use - suitable for all levels of ability.
$1559.00 CAD$1799.00 CAD

Blu Wave Catalina 14.0

The Catalina 14.0 is a multi functional touring board, designed for flat water cruising, training, touring, downwinding and recreational racing.
$1559.00 CAD$1899.00 CAD

Blu Wave Fathom 12.6

In the Fathom we set out to create a board for someone looking for a high performance touring board with functionality all in the same package.
$1575.00 CAD$2099.00 CAD

Blu Wave Mini Rider 8.0

The kids want to paddle too! A soft-top SUP board designed to withstand lots of wear and tear, with a soft-top EVA deck that provides protection against falls.
$599.00 CAD$750.00 CAD

Deadfish 11' SUP Board + Paddle

11' epoxy board with free adjustable carbon fibre paddle
$1045.00 CAD$1395.00 CAD

Starboard SUP Go 11.2 Starshot

One of the best looking SUP's you'll ever see on the water. Not only does the Go Startshot have style, it will feel comfortable whether on the lake, touring or doing yoga.
$1575.00 CAD$2100.00 CAD

Surftech Bark Competitor 12'6"

A fast race board with the efficiency for sprint paddling in a wide variety of wind and water conditions.
$1497.00 CAD$2495.00 CAD

Surftech Generator Tekefx 11.6

The ultimate shape for versatility, this board maneuvers easily in small to medium surf, while also providing stability and glide in flat water.
$1499.00 CAD$1899.00 CAD

Surftech Lopez Surf Music 9

Perfect for SUP'ers looking to develop their wave riding skills. The Lopez Surf's short length means a tighter turning radius for more carving, maneuverability and fun!
$845.00 CAD$1695.00 CAD