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Aquabound Paddles Freedom 2 Piece Adjustable

$179.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 013819270-8-

Its blade is made of Aqua-Bound’s strong epX engineered polymer – no whimpy, whippy blade here. With an aggressive dihedral down its spine, the blade makes for a forgiving and smooth pull through the water. The Freedom has a 100 sq. in. blade, which is great for paddlers who want a bigger bite.

The Freedom has a 100% carbon shaft with a 10° bend. This lightweight material provides great strength, a low swing weight, and a slight shaft flex for a very comfortable performance.


  • Strong epX engineered polymer
  • Aggressive dihedral down its spine
  • Forgiving and smooth pull through the water
  • 100% carbon shaft
  • 10° Shaft bend
  • Slight shaft flex for a very comfortable performance
  • Polynesian graphic
  • Hand-built in USA


Weight: 28.0 oz / 794.00 g
Size: 8.5 x 16.5 in 22 x 42 cm
Surface Area: 100 sq. in / 645 sq. cm
Blade Materials: epX Engineered Polymer, Fiberglass Reinforced
Shaft Type: 10° Bend
Shaft: 100% Carbon
Length: 70-80" or 76-86"
Shaft Pieces: 2-Piece
Grip: Contoured Palm Grip

Ideal For:

Comfort, Lakes, Rivers, Performance