Deep See Mens Seaboard Water Shoe

$22.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 02538

A low profile slip-on neoprene water shoe for warm weather paddling. The Beachwalker shoe is the perfect water shoe for kayak paddling. It's low profile easily fits into your boat and on your foot pedals without impeding your flexibility.

Not designed with the support needed for long portages but excellent for shore entries and exits.

Material Closed cell rubber with mesh gusset
Sole Flexible, non-slip rubber sole
Colour Black


  • Non slip rubber sole that sticks to wet rocks
  • Protected rubber toe rand to cushion your toe in case of stubbing
  • Pull on shoe
  • Nylon finger pull loops
  • Flexible, breathable mesh foot top
  • Full neoprene upper with sewn and glued inner sole