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Thermarest Fitted Sheet

$21.95 - $22.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 0191SR

Sick of tossing and turning all night, sticking one leg in and out of your sleeping bag to try to find the optimal sleeping temperature?

Instead of being constrained in your sleeping bag, a thermarest fitted sheet allows you to use varying weight blankets for a comfortable sleep in any temperature.  In the warmest summer months, just sleep directly on your mattress--the soft, silky material feels great against the skin without adding extra warmth, and wicks away moisture.  Anti-slip elastic straps keep your thermarest from slipping on the tent floor, so you don't wake up pressed against the outside walls.  Let's see a sleeping bag that can do all that!

With thermarest's "Create Your Comfort" system, you can choose the combination of sleeping pad, sheet and blanket or comforter to provide the perfect level of warmth for your expedition.  Sheets and blankets snap together for a great sleep that won't slide off your pad and leave you on the tent floor.  You can even snap two sheets together to couple two sleeping pads of any size and create an instant double bed.

Machine-washable polyester.