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Esquif Canoe Cargo Camo

$2795.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 237003

The Cargo square stern, for it's size, is a light and maneuverable canoe.  The canoe is designed for carrying larger loads. As a hunting/fishing canoe, it's versatility is enhanced by it's amazing stability.  May be used with or without a motor.


Material: T-Formex

Length: 5.18 m (17’)

Width: 111.76 cm (44”)

Depth: 40.6 cm (16”)

Shape: Square Stern

Rocker: 7.6 cm (3”)

Gunwale: Vinyl

Colour: Camouflage

Weight: 43.1 kg (95 lbs)

Carrying capacity: 455 kg (1000 lb)

Seats: Webbed

Max outboard: 3 HP or electric equivalent

Option: Wood gunwale