Grey Owl Hammerhead

$113.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 002154

Same layup as Sugar Island (laminated cherry and bass shaft with cherry, ash, bass and walnut blade) with an oiled walnut mushroom T-grip. Urethane edging with 10 ounce fiberglass covering the blade makes for a very strong paddle. Tough and lightweight for use in moving water and class 1-3 whitewater conditions. Effective wide, short blade.

The Grey Owl recreational line is characterized by the multi-laminated designs of contrasting woods, and blades that remain constant in size throughout different lengths. Also because of their design, they tend to have a stiffer flex than some traditional models. In general, the stiffer the paddle, the more efficient it becomes. Shorter and wider than Grey Owl traditional paddles, this line offers the widest range of canoeing applications, and is great for paddling on entry-level flatwater, moving water, wilderness rivers, whitewater or in freestyle competitions.


Blade Dimensions: 19" x 7"
Average Weight: 29oz / 822g