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ICEtrekkers Chains

  • Product Number: 1797

Think of them as tire chains for your feet!  ICEtrekker Chains are perfect for all snow conditions, including packed and crusty surfaces.  The durable steel links are individually welded, creating a unique ladder pttern under the ball of the foot and triangular pattern on the heel to provide stable footing that is comfortable for extended wear.  The rubber sling remains flexible in subzero temperatures and stays securely in place even in deep snow.


ICEtrekker Size Mens Shoes Womens Shoes
M 6.5 - 9 7.5 - 10
L 9.5 - 12.5 10.5+

Size chart reflects sizing for everyday shoes, cross trainers and dress shoes.  For uninsulated boots, add one size from your normal shoe size to ensure a proper fit.  For insulated boots, add two sizes.